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The South-Western Bathhouse Website

The South-Western Bathhouse Website

When we first opened, our daughter Julia insisted on taking on the responsibility of making our website. She was determined to make something that inspired people of all backgrounds to visit our sauna! Word of mouth was enough for the Russian community since most Russian people know exactly what steaming entails, considering it part of their weekly routine. But what about everyone else? She wanted people of all nationalities to start steaming, drinking loose leaf tea and whipping each other with tree branches.

Since its launch, we have gotten enormous positive feedback. Our customers tell us our website fully represents our banya, gets their apetite going, and informs them of proper steaming practices. We could not believe how many opportunities having an online presence has opened for us. In just a few months, we began seeing more and more diverse clientele not only trying us out, but becoming regulars!  We thank all those who've embraced our culture, and we love seeing you every week. And of course, a big thanks to our daughter for achieving what she set out to do!

If you are too starting a small local business like we did, feel free to contact Julia to discuss you online possibilities 🙂

You can visit her local web design and online marketing company at: Hydra Local Marketing











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