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South-Western Bathhouse Reviews


We’ve been getting so many pleasant reviews that we thought they deserved their own page! A big thanks to our visitors for spending time on these endorsements.


“We really enjoyed the experience. It was nice to be able to spend several hours doing 3 different kinds of saunas and resting in between … I watched television in the rest area and carol was energized and went back for more sauna. We ordered a chickent cutlet plate. It was very good and was a large portion .. enough for two people .. the kvas was very good, there was a very russian menu available and I would like to try some other items my mother use to make. a very positive experience. we will return again and I will recommend the south wester sauna to my friends” -Alex (groupon comment)

“For many years, I longed to find a bathhouse/sauna in Toronto that was a) not a salacious pickup spot for men b) filled with bachelorette parties or c) part of a gym. I was looking for a place like you would find in Japan, or Scandinavian countries or Eastern Europe or Turkey which you could just go and steam yourself out for general health and relaxation. This place is in a strip mall in Mississauga, in the back storage area of a Sleep Factory store (… where you often find spas… right?). When I arrived there was a man chopping wood in the back parking lot. So far, so good. When I walked in, I was greeted with all sorts of Russian paraphernalia – tea pots, matryoshka dolls, felt mitts…. the staff were super friendly…The food in the tea house is great. Authentic and slightly heavy, but not too much so. The portions are very generous, so among two women, you could easily share one dish. We ordered the chicken cutlet (perfectly crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside) with mushroom sauce, as well as the homemade pork sausage. All very tasty! I will definitely be returning!” -Heather M (yelp)

“My girlfriend and I were trying to find a true sauna in the greater Toronto area that specifically offered authentic Turkish steam baths. We were never able to find one; all of the places that said they had the authentic Turkish baths were tepid rooms with very little steam. And then we found this place: this is the real deal. The Turkish steam bath was full of steam and very hot and refreshing! A truly authentic experience.” -MaestroBobCobb (TripAdvisor)

“It would be a shame if you are in this area and miss the chance to enjoy this unique facility. This place is not mediocre it’s outstanding and I can say it’s provides one of the more relaxing and rejuvenating experiences I have had. The place is unique and it’s not just the beautiful tile work in the steam sauna room.  Nor is it simply because of the stunning brick stove sauna which dominates the Russian style sauna room and your senses when you are in it.  You can tell from the moment you talk to the family members who run this place.  They make you feel at home, invite you into their Sauna life, welcome you with great conversation, a interesting food menu and a warm and friendly environment.” – Luis D (yelp)

“I visited the SouthWestern Bath House with a group of friends in November of this year.  While I am a pretty veteran user of Banya, and have visited several in different places worldwide none of my friends had ever experienced the effects and culture of an authentic Russian Banya. We were so warmly welcomed and attended to very carefully.  The Banya is not only beautiful and charming, we found the food to be outstanding, and ALL homemade. Our experience was truly authentic, and “the natives” or regulars were friendly and lovely to talk to.  All of my friends remarked that the experience was wonderful, and we decided that as a group we would be making The SouthWestern Bath House a regular place for us! My only regret is that I had to leave one of the best turkish coffees I’ve ever had behind, I was just too tired to stay.” –Alisa Walton

“And the chef, receptionist and owner are all the same folks.  Cause Banya really is a homey and nice place.  They cook your food on a stove (that looks like it could be in your kitchen), serve you homemadeKvass (a real treat) and even get in the sauna with you to give advice and give you a free whisking. (OK, this probably doesn’t happen that often, but it happened to us). It’s such a friendly place that you’re more than likely to strike up a nice conversation with tons of folks.”- Toronto Sauna Blog

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