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How to Make Shuba (Russian Herring Salad) – Рецепт Шуба

How to Make Shuba (Russian Herring Salad) – Рецепт Шуба



2 pickled herring fillets (Polish or Russian store) 

1 small red onion (minced)

2 medium boiled potatoes (cubed)

2 large boiled carrots (grated)

3 hard boiled eggs (grated)

1 large boiled beet root (grated)

mayo to taste


shuba banya

Boil the potatoes, carrots, beets, and eggs separately so the flavours don’t blend. Let cool before grating and cubing. Make sure there are no bones in the herring fillets before cutting them up into small cubes. 


On a large serving platter or baking tray, spread out the herring in a thin, even layer. A rectangular shape is most practical but a round shuba is more festive. Sprinkle the red onion over the herring layer. Lightly drizzle with mayo (use a thin tipped squeeze bottle or spread with back of a spoon). Then, one by one, layer, potatoes, carrots, eggs and lastly, beets, lightly coating each layer with mayo except the last layer. Add a little freshly ground black pepper between layers. 

Garnish with chopped green onion and server one hour later so layers have time to set.


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