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Purifying Pleasures: Russian Bathhouse Food in Toronto

Purifying Pleasures: Russian Bathhouse Food in Toronto


We had an unexpected visit from Saveur Magazine. They kept us company for a few hours, took pictures of our food, ate the food and left. A few months later they published an article on us that was a joy to read, capturing our Banya's atmosphere perfectly. Our favorite line is: "While these foods are satisfying on their own, I've learned from experience that they're best enjoyed after a long hot steam, when they can be consumed with shriveled fingers, and a purified heart."

Saveur has been around since 1994 and is considered one of the best culinary magazines of its time. It combines the importance of culture, travel, world cooking, and hole-in-the-wall family joints like ours, adding a personable twist to every article. It's won four American Society of Magazine Editors awards and 17 James Beard journalism awards.

Check out the entire article- Purifying Pleasures: Russian Bathhouse Food in Toronto



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