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Why do people wear hats at the bathhouse?

Why do people wear hats at the bathhouse?


The felt hat is an important accessory when steaming. The difference between a steaming session with a hat and one without is immense. This is because the head tends to heat up faster than the rest of the body, especially when a person is sitting down or standing up in the parilka (steam room). This makes it hard to raise your core temperature without feeling overheated. Felt is a great insulator, meaning that it keeps the air inside of it at a constant temperature. Most commonly is it used for insulating against the cold (in the form of coats and boots) but it is equally as effective at insulating against the heat! The air in the sauna may be up to 90 degrees celsius, but a felt hat will keep the air around your head at a comfortable temperature. So the felt hat comes to the recue! It  keeps the head dry and cool, and – this is for the ladies – it prevents your hair being damaged by heat.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hats. Add your own personal touch or buy something that stands out; sauna hats come in a variety of different styles and colours.

Check out some of these beauties! Click on the hat you'd like to order (these all ship to Canada) or pick one up at the South-Western Bathhouse for $15.00




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