Menu / all of our original recipes are made from scratch! Please note that is not our full menu and that menu items vary daily to ensure freshness.

Homemade Sausages – Колбаса Домашняя Жареная – $15.00

When we lived in Russia, we owned a fine meats company. Having made award winning smoked and fresh sausages all our life, these are an easy choice for our steamers! Made with 100% pork shoulder meat. 

Pojarskie Kotleti – Котлеты "Пожарские" – $15.00

Made from 100% chicken breast, this gorgeous dish was first popularized by Alexander Pushkin! Garnished with creamy mushroom sauce and healthy sized capers. 









Lamb Pilaf – Плов – $12.00

This dish is cooked for hours in a kazan (a giant dutch oven) until it's the perfect consistency. The bottom must be almost burnt, saturating the rice with a caramelized aroma. The melted garlic cloves are the best part.

Russian food Toronto Mississauga

Shuba – Селёдка Под Шубой – $10.00

A Russian classic. Layered vegetables rest on top, creating a perfect balance of flavors and textures. "Shuba" literally translates to "heavy coat." Try making your own! Recipe here









Boeuf Bourguignon – Говядина по-Бургундски – $15.00

A hearty dish with French roots, bt beloved by the Ruskis. The beef is brsed in red wine until it becomes fall-apart tender. Indulge in this meal on a cold day and you'll leave warmed from the inside. 

russian food toronto


Chicken Tabaka – Цыпленок Табака – $15.00

This crispy Georgian chicken is flattened and fried under a heavy weight. Coriandre and garlic are the main players. Learn to make it yourself here!

Russian food mississauga

Borscht – Борщ – $6.00

Everyone knows this classic Russian soup, but have you tried the real deal? 

Authentic russian food toronto

Salyanka – Солянка – $6.00

A Russian must-have! Sausage, olives, pickle, sour cream, lemon…delicious meaty broth.

 Russian food toronto

Soup Kharcho – Суп Харчо – $6.00

A national Georgian soup made on a tomato and walnuts base, with a pleasant peppery heat.

Cured Pork – Сало – $8.00

Melt in your mouth cured pork, made in house from a recipe we've used our whole lives. Ideal snack with vodka or for an indulgent mood.

Cured pork, russian sala

Kievsky Cake – Киевский Торт – $8.00

The crunchiest and sweetest Ukrainian cake. Two bize (meringue) layers, covered in butter cream filling and showered with nuts. If this cake existed in Marie Antoinette's time, she would have said, "let them et Kievsky cake!"
Kiev torte russian cake


Sour Cream Cake – Торт Cметанник – $8.00

A full time resident at the bathhouse. This cake is lighter than it looks as it contains no butter!

 smetanik cake, russian food


Other Menu Items Include:

Main Course

Susdal Fish Bake – Рыба запеченая по-Суздальски – $12.00
Beef Stroganoff – Бефстроганов – $12.00 
Georgian Kebob – Люля-Кебаб – $12.00
Vegetarian Plate – Вегeтареанское Блюдо – $12.00


Okroshka – Окрошка -$6.00
Salmon Salyanka – Солянка рыбная- $8.00
Shurpa – Шурпа – $8.00​


Greek Salad – Греческий Салат – $6.00​
Belashi – Беляши – $5.00
Chiburekki – Чебуреки – $5.00
Pelmeni – Пельмени – $8.00
Vareniki – Вареники – $8.00
Olivier Salad – Салат Оливье – $6.00
Beet Salad – Винегрет – $6.00

*We always try to accommodate dietary needs! If you're a vegetarian or vegan, we offer several delicious alternatives!

Homemade Drinks 

Kvas – Квас – $2.00/glass, $6.00/pitcher
Kompot – Компот – $5.00/glass
Kisel – Кисель – $3.00/glass


Mill Street Organic Lager on Draft
European bottled beers
Georgian Wines





We have delicious cocktails. Here are some of the highlights:

Blushing Anastasia – 11.00

Vodka, lemon juice, peach schnapps, cognac, cranberry juice, honey. Our prettiest drink.

Bloody Anastasia – 11.00

Vodka, fresh beetroot juice, sweet syrup, lemon juice. Was our prettiest drink. See what we did there?

Moscow Martini – 9.00

Vodka, homemade pickle brine. Let this be your last drink; brine is excellent for a hangover.

Red Orchard – 9.00

Vodka, cherry jam, amaretto, lemon juice. I made a really good cherry pie once. For this, I just added vodka.

The Julius – 11.00                                                                                              

Vodka, homemade pickle juice, clamato juice, worcestershire, lemon juice, tabasco, celery salt. The homemade brine gives this Caesar first name status.

Honey Bison – 11.00

Żubrówka, honey, lemon juice. The only proper way to lure bison grass vodka out its bottle is with honey.

The Mint Moomin

The Mint Moomin

Serfdom Shot

Serfdom Shot