Indulging in a Secret Russian Bathhouse in Southern OntarioRoaming Travel Magazine 

"There is an odd sense of community and it’s easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow sauna goer. Or, if you’re like my brother’s mom (#modernfamily), you’ll meet everyone there and make lots of new friends."


Steamy science: Looking at the benefits of sauna use – CTV News

"What may be the new hot trend in preventing heart disease and even dementia is actually the old practice of sauna."


Mississauga banya, or sauna, offers a taste of Russian hospitality – The Star

"If you weren’t in Mississauga, you’d swear you were in a Russian dacha, or country home. That is exactly how owners Victor and Valentina Tourianski want you to feel when they invite you into their second home to experience the reinvigorating properties of an old-fashioned Russian steam bath followed by hearty, made-from-scratch dishes from their motherland."



"I fully anticipated the whacking I received with a bundle of birch branches in a sweltering 158-degree room. What I didn't expect was to be sitting in my bathrobe in an adjoining restaurant devouring some of the best Russian food I've ever tasted."


Daily Vice  &  The Great Canadian Cookbook    (see middle of episodes)