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A Happy Second Banya Birthday

A Happy Second Banya Birthday

January 2, 2014 officially launched us into our second year of existence. The Banya is a little shy about its age, so we had a quiet acknowledgement of this instead of a large celebratory event (next year we promise, although it's hard to follow New Years).

russian sauna torontoReflecting upon the past year, we have a lot of people to thank. First off, thank you to our committed, word-of-mouth spreading, nature documentary watching, pickle brine drinking (you know who you are), steaming, borscht eating regulars. We treasure those nights where it all winds down and we can get to know each other under the melting haze of relaxation.

Secondly, we thank those brave souls who had no idea what steaming is, but left their comfort zone and tried it. Wether you converted and joined the former category, or left it as a pleasantly confusing memory, we love being part of it.

And last but not least, we thank those who took the time to review, blog, document, or mention us in the online world!


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"Эмигрант из России ввел в канадском Торонто моду на русские бани"


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