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Being true to our Russian heritage, we made sure to create an authentic Banya. Built from cedar, this Banya offers four levels of heat, depending on where you sit. The benches are wide enough to comfortably lie down, which is ideal for a good steam.
A beautiful brick stove produces heat and humidity. The classic temperature for a Banya is 60°C with 60% humidity. You can adjust the temperature by throwing water into the stove. The water quickly evaporates as it hits the hot stones inside. These stones are traditionally granite or basalt, gathered from lakeshores; they are known as “wild.” The fire is fed with hard wood. We use apple, birch, oak and cherry as they produce the nicest aroma and quality of heat!


The Banya is an integral part of Russian culture. Its presence has been documented as far back as 945 AD. The Banya would be used in marital ceremonies and health rituals, but now it mostly serves as a popular place for socialization, drinking, feasting and relaxation.


Fun Stuff

During our trip to Rome, we acquired an original brick from The Baths of Trajan. This was a massive bathing and leisure complex built in 104AD by Emperor Trajan. These thermae (from Greek thermos, meaning "hot") were used as a recreational and social center by both male and female Roman citizens. We are proud to have a little piece of Roman Baths history in our own sauna!




Turkish Hamam

Adorned with mosaic tiles, our Hamam is a pleasure to steam in. A serene, backlit pool of water provides a source of light and refreshment for when the thick steam envelops your body. The ceiling is arched and the seats remain cool for your comfort.


This style of steam room was adopted by the Ottoman Turks after their conquest of Byzantium. The Hamam is basically an improved version of the Roman baths!








Fun Stuff

The vase and decorative tiles displayed in our  steam room were found during our trip to Istanbul, a center for Hamams and historical jewel for the steaming culture. So enjoy your steam with a little culture at your fingertips!



Finnish Sauna

Our Finnish Sauna is built of pine with cedar benches and uses an electric system of heating. It is a dry, high heat sauna and water is not used inside. Whether you like a wet steam or a dry steam is based on preference, so be sure to try this alternate style!


The Finnish Sauna shares a close history with the Russian Banya. Many make a distinction between the two due to the Sauna being dry and the Banya being wet. This is not necessarily law as both have varied their styles throughout history, but is commonly the case.






Tea Room

Our tea room is a place to rehydrate, try authentic Russian foods or simply relax. It has beautiful high ceilings and is decorated in the Tudor style. The atmosphere is homey and the walls are adorned with antique samovars and teapots that make one feel as though they are in Russia herself.

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Enjoy local draft beer, an assortment of Russian and European imports, vodka, homemade fermented drinks, or a cocktail from our Soviet inspired drink menu. We recommend tasting the Blushing Anastasia, followed by the Bloody Anastasia; a history lesson in 2 drinks. 
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Socialize, relax, eat or have a quiet drink, and enjoy a nature show. Check out our menu as we prepare all meals fresh in our on-site kitchen. 

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Cold Water Barrel

Brave the chill and take a plunge in our cold water barrel!

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