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It’s all in the details


During our trip to Rome, we acquired an original brick from The Baths of Trajan. This was a massive bathing and leisure complex built in 104AD by Emperor Trajan. These thermae (from Greek thermos, meaning "hot") were used as a recreational and social center by both male and female Roman citizens. We are proud to have a little piece of Roman Baths history in our own sauna!


We didn't want "Men" and "Women" on our change room doors; we needed something a little more Russian and adorable.

For the guys I drew a MANLY bear, in shorts. One has to be decent after all.



Don't forget the ladies!




Upon visiting several other saunas, we decided to personalize our hooks. Never mix up robes again!





We have a gorgeous cup holder collection. Antique and modern holders gathered from all across Russia!





The Samovar is a symbol of Russian heritage. We have many and keep growing our collection. Have a unique Samovar? Bring it over, we may buy it!







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