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A bathhouse is best full of friends

A bathhouse is best full of friends

Steaming in isolation is euphoric. When you have the steam room all to yourself you have the chance to achieve meditative comfort. You have time to clearly think about whatever it is you need to confront, or forget it all and drift between soft thoughts. I do this at least once a week. The only problem is, I'm never motivated to REALLY steam when alone. By my third time in the sauna I begin to feel restless and demotivated; I have difficulty pushing myself to really stick it out and get roasted when alone.








This is not surprising as the Banya is meant to be a social place. In Russia, all business deals are made at the Banya; many birthday parties are held at the Banya; friend coming over? Banya. Being in a social atmosphere grants you an intense session as people tend to push each other to the limit. Of course we must remember to listen to our bodies (not pass out). If this does happen, you can usually rely on your friends to peel you off the floor on their way out.








New Years at the South Western Sauna! Nazdarovie!






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