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The Argonauts celebrate their Grey Cup victory!

The Argonauts celebrate their Grey Cup victory!

The Toronto Argonauts gifted their home city with its first championship celebration since they last won eight years ago! A 35-22 victory against the Calgary Stampeders was exactly what Toronto needed to augments the holiday cheer, and end this year with a bang.

Last Friday, the South Western Bathhouse was operating as usual, when we got an unexpected visit from 7 of the players – a cheerful bunch – who infected us and our regulars with the taste of victory! Drinking from the Grey Cup, feasting, and having an epic steam with some of Toronto’s best athletes, it was an experience worth remembering. We wish them further success and welcome them back for more memorable times.






Watch the Toronto Argonauts claim the Grey Cup here.

To find out more about their epic win, click here.


















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